My Top 4 Makeup Products

Posted by Rebecca Kreitner on

Being a makeup artist, it is very hard to pick favourites when you are always trying out new products. However, there are some products that I constantly find myself reaching for and I need to have them with me no matter.
In today’s blog post I will be talking all about my top 4 makeup products. I’ll be doing a skincare faves blog too, so keep your eyes peeled for that! So, let’s talk about my all time go-to products which I’m totally in love it!
BADgal BANG Mascara
I love wearing false lashes, they are definitely my jam. Which obviously means that I like my lashes to be dramatic so I want a mascara that can give me that affect. The BADgal BANG Mascara by Benefit Cosmetics not only makes my lashes look longer but also more volumized and thicker; isn’t that crazy? This would probably be the only mascara I would wear without any lashes! ( not when I go out tho, I like my lashes!)
Huda Dusk Palette
Huda Beauty eyeshadow palettes are so so amazing, especially the Dusk palette. The selection of colours is so good plus the colours are insanely pigmented, easy to apply and blend out smoothly. I hate when I have to work to blend out my eyeshadow and with this palette I never have to worry about that.

Rose Matter by Jeffree Star
Who doesn’t love a bit of Jeffree? This shade is so so pretty, the pink shade is flattering with every skin tone and that’s what draws me to it. Plus, it goes well with anything. If you don’t own a Jeffree Star lippy then I recommend you get your hands on it as soon as possible because they are BOMB!
MAC Fix Plus Spray
And lastly, how can I not mention my MAC fix plus spray? This is one of my holy grails! I apply this before and after my makeup; it just keeps your skin feeling super hydrated which is exactly what you want! And it surely ensures that my makeup lasts longer.
Have you used any of these products? If so, lemme know your thoughts? I’d surely recommend you guys to grab them right away!
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